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Purification Products : UV Air Purifiers - UA Series

UV Air Purifiers - UA Series


Clean Comfort™ brand UC Series Ultraviolet Coil Purifiers for air handlers work to inhibit growth of microbes such as mold, bacteria and viruses on the evaporator coil of your heating and cooling system. The dark, cool and damp environment of an evaporator coil offers ideal conditions for sustaining mold growth.


• Continuous disinfection of evaporator coil which lower the risk of mold growth on the coil and circulating in your home’s air.

• A proven and reliable method for sterilizing microbes on evapoartor coils without the use of harsh chemicals

• UV disinfection of the coil helps maintain your system’s original performance.

• Our most cost effective UV coil purifier - a good choice when purifier cost is the highest priority




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• Harness the power of high-output ultraviolet clarifying (UVC) and ultraviolet vacuum (UVV) air purifiers for ultimate whole home air quality
• Help prevent dangerous mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses
• UVC attacks DNA to help to deactivate and destroy contaminants
• UVV oxidizes chemicals and odors into non-offensive by products
• Large, high-intensity, 19 mm, quartz germicidal UVC and UVV oxidizing lamps
• Self-cleaning, requiring no maintenance
• Long, three-year lamp life
• Visible interface gives status, maintenance, and service profile
• Low-profile 5/8-in. slim-fit face
• Microprocessor-controlled thermistor provides automatic operation


3-Year Parts Limited Warranty, including lamp*

* Complete warranty details available from your local dealer or at www.cleancomfort.com.

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