The CC3-HCMSESP represents the most contractor-friendly solution today for eliminating bypass. The CC3-HCMSESP model is designed to fit up to three-zone applications for single-stage and multi-stage heat/cool systems in residential and light commercial applications. This zone control system comes with built in ESP static pressure control which eliminates the need for a bypass damper when used with the stardard 3-wire MD series dampers.

The system works like any standard zone control system with one exception. As zone dampers open and close, the built in ESP static pressure control continuously monitors the system static pressure and if required, sends a signal to zone dampers that are in the closed position to open to a point where the proper static pressure level is maintained. The small amount of air that is allowed to bleed into non-calling zones eliminates air noise and assures proper airflow through the HVAC system preventing coil freeze-up.

Kit includes:  Panel, static pressure sensor, duct temperature sensor and 40VA transformer